The world is changing rapidly. This certainly also applies to the traditional way of offering products and services. Generating only leads, knocking on doors physically, placing an advertisement or just having a static website is not very successful any more.

The customer attaches great value to a person who truly immerses himself in his / her world in order to promote the added value of a service or product. Because the customer is becoming more and more in a central position, the selling organization must adapt to this.

The strategy therefore should much more externally oriented, while internal disciplines such as sales, marketing, service and technology needs to be better aligned in order to captivate and retain the customer.

How can we help you?

How can we help you

Based on our broad sales experience at both operational and management level, BECSales is convinced that the basis for commercial success is mainly based at the first phase of the process.

Just focusing and directing on results only is usually not the best solution for the desired result, because it does not lead to a constructive change of behavior and an improvement of customer experience.

Making the right choices for markets and customers, better aligning the proposition with the needs of the customer, setting up the sales organization differently and developing the talents of people are much more determinative for the success and future of each company.

This allows us to help companies that want to achieve better results in sales; advice, training, coaching or for carrying out a sales process on an interim basis.

Your benefits

BECSales is a sales organization that also conducts sales projects for more than 10 years. We have incorporated these experiences in our practice-oriented services. Our advice, training and coaching processes are therefore much more than based on theory only.